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18 People Who Would Totally Win the “I Fixed It” Trophy

Now and then we all get attacked by pesky little mishaps, like broken things. Getting upset is the easiest thing to do when this happens, but creative thinkers among us would never give in. Using a drawing instead of a broken speed meter or placing Thor’s hammer right onto a car dent are examples of how these types of people will choose to fix a problem or pretend that failure was what they had intended all along.

Here at Bright Side, we present to you the nominees for the “I Fixed It” award — let’s decide together whose creativity wins.

1. “My window cracked, so I fixed it the only way I know how.”

2. “Wind knocked over this statue. My 3-year-old fixed it.”

3. That’s how I got that dent.

4. Just know that you can always use Lego bricks instead of normal ones.

5. When you get sick and tired of wires and cables scattered all over the house.

6. If you can’t fix it, turn it into a piece of art.

7. “Old roommate punched a hole in the door. New roommate fixed it.”

8. There’s nothing you can’t fix with some spray foam.

9. The button is still broken, but the grammar mistake is fixed.

10. “I’ve seen it many times online, but this is the first time I’ve seen one in the wild!”

11. Don’t throw away your old monitor. It can serve as a nice TV stand!

12. In search of the green button.

13. “My speedometer is broken, but the tachometer works fine. Let’s fix it with vector graphics.”

14. Who cares if it functions?

15. Fake it till you make it.

16. When your office chair keeps rolling back:

17. “Found another perfectly acceptable use for an umbrella!”

18. The door wouldn’t close.

Whose creativity deserves the first prize for the best problem solving, in your opinion? Have you ever improvised when trying to fix something that was broken?

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