18 People Whose Logic Is Too Weird for Us

As soon as people stop following logic, true chaos starts — designers go insane, people start creating crazy things, and coming up with unbelievable inventions. This is when people start wearing wigs on top of their hoods and watermelon becomes foamy.

Bright Side can’t just keep this all to ourselves and needs to share this compilation of really weird photos with you.

Nice human cosplay, bird!

“What is this?! A sink for ants?!”

You know it’s terribly cold out when you put your wig over your hoodie.

“This watermelon I bought started foaming.”

At least it will never break down.

Flower Urinals — Barton Grange, Lancashire, UK

“My friend is storing his cello at my place. I occasionally send him updates on how it’s going.”

“Just bring me what’s on my boots.”

“Someone decided these reindeer didn’t need their eyes.”

Safety first

The door that is supposed to motivate you.

When you really need to make a phone call:

This dessert doesn’t look very attractive.

“Not sure my school understands the meaning of the word vegetarian.”

“The kids in my daughter’s book tried to spell hepatitis...”

This bench is truly amazing.

This McDonald’s cup is printed inside out.

“Do you remember you drew me like this as a kid? Hey there!”

Have you ever done anything completely illogical? Tell us in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit FactsOrDie / twitter
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