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18 Photos That Are More Sobering Than a Cold Shower

According to the World Wildlife Fund, humankind removes 50,200 square miles of forests annually. Within the last 50 years, people have caused drastic environmental changes such as the extinction of animals and depletion of the planet’s resources. The pictures in this article prove even more that it’s high time we stop and stare at what we’ve done to our home.

In the pursuit to raise people’s awareness of nature, Bright Side compiled 18 photos that will show you the real picture of how things are going on Earth. Our bonus at the end will show that we still have a little bit of hope left that our mistakes can be corrected.

1. Seabird feeding its chick with a cigarette butt.

2. A member of the Sri Lankan coast guard is covered in oil as he works to remove an oil spill at a beach in Uswetakeiyawa.

3. One of the polluted beaches in Bali

4. A gannet sits on a nest that was made with plastic remains.

5. A young boy collects plastic and other recyclable material from the polluted waters of Bab Demb Lake in Srinagar, India.

6. A piece of plastic garbage is stuck on this goose’s neck.

7. Chinese volunteers used floating plastic pollution to make a 68-meter-long “sperm whale” on World Ocean Day.

8. This seal pup is choking on fishing line.

9. Lantern Festival fireworks and production resumption after the Spring Festival were blamed for the heavy air pollution blanketing Beijing and its neighboring provinces in February 2019.

10. A woman looks at a view of Seoul, South Korea shrouded by fine dust during a polluted day on March 6, 2019.

11. A monkey playing with a plastic straw

12. Used single-serve coffee capsules at a recycling center in Bordeaux, France, April 2, 2019

13. The Eiffel Tower covered by high levels of air pollution as seen from Meudon in Paris, France on June 26, 2019.

14. Heartbreaking images show dozens of endangered storks scavenging leftovers at a landfill site which was installed on their natural habitat.

15. 1,690 cigarette butts were collected on a Malaysian beach in just one hour.

16. Children living in the Pantanal Favela in Brazil hunt frogs in polluted waters to help their families.

17. This photograph, taken on January 30, 2018, shows a woman and child walking through heavy smog in the town of Obiliq on the outskirts of Pristina.

Every winter morning workers wrap scarves around their faces and emerge from the pea soup fog that engulfs their town of Obiliq, stuck between 2 coal-fired power stations on the outskirts of Kosovo’s capital.

18. A seabird carrying a plastic container

Bonus: Asphalt that reduces car emissions

A recent study has shown that the use of special asphalt mixes can not only reduce the production costs, but can also save on the consumption of fuel. This new type of surface decreases the resistance between tires and the road and, consequently, lowers the use of fuel and emissions of CO2, which gives humanity hope to save the Earth’s atmosphere.

Germany has already started to implement this new technology, April 15, 2019

Which of these images has shaken your soul the most? What do you personally do to save the planet? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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