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18 Photos That Prove the World Follows the Rule, “Another Day, Another Discovery”

The more people learn, the more they realize they don’t know anything at all. But that’s how the world works! And it’s great since every single day can really surprise us. Interesting discoveries are literally everywhere and some of them are depicted in the pictures.

Bright Side knows that these photos will definitely tell you a bit more about the way our world works.

18. Ayam Cemani chicken is all dark, even its bones and internal organs.

17. The inside of a grenade

16. A track excavator climbing a purpose-built tower to show its might

15. A giant amethyst geode

14. A plant that can’t grow too close to the Wi-Fi hub

13. Kurt Cobain’s air guitar on display

12. An extremely rare set of 16th-century knives engraved with musical scores which allowed guests to sing at the end of a meal

11. “The ski resort I’m staying at is so high, the chip packets are all inflated due to air pressure.”

10. What a raven’s ear looks like:

9. This 400-year-old Bonsai tree survived the bombing of Hiroshima.

8. Astronaut Charles Duke left a photo of his family on the moon during a trip there in 1972.

7. This abandoned Soviet turbojet train

6. Throwing boiling water

5. An old Kodak film container

4. “You can see the difference between the tap water and the sparkling water that I poured over it.”

3. “In my city, we celebrate a different kind of carnival. Every year we put clothes on the church.”

2. She’s not a fox. Mya is a Pomeranian Husky mix.

1. “A section of my skull has been temporarily removed.”

What is the most unusual thing you’ve ever seen? Leave your pictures in the comments!

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