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18 Pictures Convincing You to Live Your Life Sober (Spoiler: You’ll Want to Cancel Your Friday Benter)

According to the World Health Organization, as of 2010, Belarus has ranked first on the list of alcohol consumption per capita. But even if you’re not from Belarus, you’re sure to have seen some crazy things done by people who were incredibly inebriated.

We at Bright Side want all of our readers to be happy and safe and for this reason, we don’t condone heavy drinking. The photos you’re about to see may be funny, but they’ll make you think twice about throwing back those shots at the next party!

“I got drunk and adopted a cat. She seems to be fitting in.”

“Boyfriend was drunk last night. I woke up to this:”

“Had a house party last night and I still can’t find the key to my Mom’s shoe...”

“I absolutely needed that soup, apparently...”

The evolution of the beer man

The train ride home from Oktoberfest

This drunk woman had to be rescued from the kiddie pool today:

Okay, no more drunk Amazon shopping...

“My roommate got drunk last night and brought home a random person who he just met, who is now passed out on my couch and snoring like a bear.”

“Came back home really drunk last night. This morning I went to make breakfast and then this happened...”

“Just found this pic from when I was out drunk and I told my Mom I was at home in bed and I sent her this:”

“So I was drunk one night and added this to my Amazon Wish List... My mom blindly ordered stuff for Christmas.”

Comfy sleeping

“I wish my friends had told me they were afraid of heights BEFORE getting on the ferris wheel for my bachelor party.”

“Woke up hungover to this:”

“Apparently, I drunk ordered 11.5 lb of cheese on Sunday.”

“My dog wasn’t happy when my drunk friend decided to sleep with her at 1 AM.”

“Aww, found this little guy sleeping in the supermarket...”

Which one of these photos shocked you the most? Share your stories with us in the comments section below!

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