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18 Pictures of Kids Who’ve Seen Everything

Children are a constant source of joy and amusement. Although sometimes your laughter is mixed with tears since you're laughing at their tricks.

Bright Side has collected photos to prove that there's never a dull moment with these little ones.

18. I will explain everything...

17. The invisible man is my middle name.

16. Cool guys only sit like this.

15. My boss brought his son to work today.

14. Wearing black makes me look slimmer.

13. My daughter after I explained to her that she'll be going to school almost every day for the next 17 years.

12. Why does it take Mom so long to apply makeup?

11. How is it even possible?

10. The point is not to move.

9. My attitude toward prices on gadgets.

8. VLC.exe is not responding.

7. I told her Darth Vader was the bad guy.

6. When you're not 2 but 22 at heart.

5. A city boy's summer.

4. Bathroom. Next stop: unknown.

3. The usual day of a teenager.

2. When preparing for a battle with the boss.

1. I eat dirt.

Preview photo credit kaleidospiral, Grounde13
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