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18 Pictures Proving There’s Always a Place for a Little Miracle

Life is full of surprises, and those of us who never stop seeing the unusual behind the ordinary are always rewarded. Things like purple grasshoppers, pink water running from a tap, or a tree that looks straight out of a low-resolution video game are just a few simple wonders that people have managed to snap on otherwise ordinary days.

Here at Bright Side we’ve selected for you 18 little everyday miracles that people got lucky to see when they least expected it.

1. Someone found a purple grasshopper in their garden.

2. “All 4 of my cat’s paws have unique black and pink combinations.”

3. This tree looks like it was taken from a low resolution video game.

4. “I work at a mini golf course. These golf balls have been stuck in a stream for so long they became smooth.”

5. “This broccoli stem flowered in my fridge.”

6. “This bug looks like a Tiki mask.”

7. The shade perfectly aligned with the blue safety line.

8. Someone found this perfectly round rock on a beach.

9. The snail left an intricate trail on a dirty car window.

10. “The way this picture of a frozen puddle in my backyard looks like a landscape from the perspective of a plane.”

11. “My parent’s water is hot pink because of a chemical leak.”

12. This egg cracked vertically into 2 equal parts.

13. “I painted my fan blades red, blue, and yellow, and when you take a picture, it creates more colors.”

14. The last piece of cheese in this bag looks like the eyes and mouth of a cow.

15. “Drew the same tree on my class notes 2 years apart, without knowing.”

16. The exact place where the rain ended.

17. “These melons look like they glitched and ran out of ink.”

18. “My pet crayfish shed his exoskeleton.”

Have you recently spotted something truly unexpected? Do you have a picture to share with us?

Preview photo credit PrizeFighter23 / Reddit
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