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18 Pictures That Are the Epitome of Irony

As George Saunders once said, "Irony is just honesty with the volume cranked up." So even though we can't avoid it, we can definitely learn from it.

Bright Side is a big supporter of laughing at our mistakes because once done and laughed at, they are rarely repeated!

Silly me! I thought it was a local brand.

This dog came today for an X-ray, having swallowed a Monopoly piece.

Planning, huh?

There are only shortcuts for the trucks that are...short.

Took this after eating lunch at this restaurant...

Hits home, indeed.

Well, freedom should be protected, right?

To chew or not to chew?

The easiest spray to steal

He definitely needs this book:

Nope, it doesn't.

Oh, boy...

Or not...

It's not rusty on the inside, is it?

He thought. He came. He conquered logic.


Did somebody inform the papers?

Well, that's just evil...

What's your favorite example of irony? Share your stories and photos with us in the comments!

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