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18 Pictures That Prove There Are 2 Kinds of People in This World

Pouring milk first, then cornflakes; squeezing the toothpaste starting from the top; putting ketchup all over your food; keeping your phone on silent mode 24/7 — or all of this but vice versa — are all simple, everyday things that we all may do a bit differently. Thus, all people can be divided into 2 categories.

Bright Side is always interested in people and their lives. And this time, we’re ready to take you on an amazing trip, showing our funny differences. Let’s try to find some similarities!

1. Up or down?

2. Short or pointy?

3. 2 breakfast approaches

4. Clean teeth are most important.

5. Nervous and relaxed drivers on the road!

6. “My wife and I shared some Hershey’s Kisses.”

7. Checking notifications may be overrated.

8. 2 types of cupcake lovers in the office

9. Silent violators are among us!

10. Not everyone thinks butterflies are cute.

11. Nutella lovers use 2 types of tools.

12. Well, each of these approaches is effective.

13. Early birds and sleepy owls

14. 2 types of sauce-users

15. One passion, 2 ways

16. 2 ways to treat that sweet tooth

17. Silent or sound?

18. Some prefer to leave the best parts!

Have you ever found yourself in any of these situations? Do you know more funny or even annoying differences between people? Let’s share our thoughts in the comments!

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