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18 Powerful Photos That Can Turn Your Heart Inside Out

Sometimes, we're so busy worrying about our own problems that we stop noticing amazing things that happen around us. However, if you pause to take a look around, you will see a lot of interesting things! For example, you can notice that the person in a portrait in the library is actually your relative. Or you can find a rubber duck that will remind you of someone very close to you.

Bright Side has collected 18 photographs that will make you feel good. At the end of the article, there's a bonus to show that even the smallest of creatures have feelings.

1. "This dog at the shelter pressed himself up against the fence so I could reach through and pet him."

2. "This beautiful girl was scared during takeoff and she asked if she could hold this stranger's hand. Man: "Of course! It's going to be OK!" And he kept her calm and distracted her by asking about her family. People are good!"

3. "This is our friend's new heart being rushed to the hospital."

4. "Lost my pet rabbit last year on Father’s Day. This year, a lily spontaneously grew right where I buried him. I did not plant this lily."

5. "I asked my bar guest what she was writing. Turns out she has 3 daughters and she writes 5 lines a day to each of them. These will be gifts when they get married one day. Mom of the year!"

6. "My language-delayed son called me Mommy for the first time in nearly 3.5 years."

7. "For the past year, I’ve been sitting under a painting of a man in my university library. I’ve also been researching my family-tree online, where I found a painting of my great-grandfather (x8) – Joseph Trapp. The next day in the library, I realized I had been sitting underneath him this whole time."

8. "This is how our dog lets us know she needs to go potty. She’s been deaf since birth, and the toy gives her a visual/tactile cue while the bells let us know she’s ready!"

9. "This is Dick Paul. We just moved into a new neighborhood and when I went to mow the front lawn, he was already at it. He said he does it once for all the new neighbors as a welcoming gift. Thanks, Dick Paul!"

10. "My dad always found rubber ducks while on walks and hid them around for his version of good luck. He passed away 4 years ago, and we thought we had found them all. Tonight, I opened the back seat cupholder of my car for apparently the first time in a while. Dad, you're a genius."

11. A young man saw a barefoot boy and gave him his shoes.

12. This couple has been giving people free coffee at a rest stop in Oregon for over 26 years:

13. "Both my parents passed away and I wanted a way to include them at my commencement ceremony for my Bachelor’s Degree tomorrow. I uploaded the cards they had each written and used my Cricut machine to put their writing on my graduation cap."

14. "Someone gave this mama goose a mini-pool and a pile of corn so she doesn’t have to leave her nest in the middle of the parking lot."

15. This delivery guy stopped working to show his respect for the Remembrance of the Deceased (WWII related) in the Netherlands.

16. "35 years ago, a man working at this plant retired and hung his lunch box from the ceiling of this warehouse. Ever since then, whenever someone retires here, they also hang their lunch box."

17. "This meerkat was saved from illegal pet trading and is now happier than ever in our wildlife reserve. He always comes back for some cuddles!"

18. A firefighter comforting a dog rescued from a house fire

Bonus: This bird is crying over a lost friend. Animals have feelings too.

You have probably witnessed some really moving stories! Tell us about them in the comment section below!

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