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18 Rare Phenomena That Are So Astonishing They Make You Discover the World Anew

Our world is full of rare things and phenomena that will always impress people. Here are some GIFs and photos that prove that it’s silly to exclaim “I’ve seen everything!” For example, have you ever seen a picture at 365 Gigapixels? And if you want to know whether your sunscreen is good or not, you have to look at it under UV light. Sounds intriguing, right?

Bright Side has created another compilation of photos that can astonish even those who think that there’s nothing in the world that can surprise them.

18. Sunscreen spray under UV light

17. A one in a million blue lobster (that was set free)

16. The world’s biggest panoramic picture at 365 Gigapixels

By the way, you can enjoy this full-size photo here.

15. Hikers attempt to escape from the Glacial National Park wildfire

Fortunately, hikers Charlie and Justin managed to get out of the burning forest but they had to abandon their car.

14. Waveless surfing

13. Have you ever seen a peacock fly?

12. An albino crocodile

11. A wave in slow-mo

10. An SUV that doesn’t care about rocks and hills

9. The MRI makes it possible to see arteries in the brain.

8. Paper airplane vortex

7. The ceiling tiles in the Da Nang airport smoking section vs the non-smoking section, Vietnam

6. High-speed laser engraving

5. Perfect rock skipping technique

4. Incredible synchronization

3. A fantastic sculptural composition made from one piece of wood

2. A giant storm cloud in Wyoming, USA

1. The International Space Station passes in front of the moon.

What do you find the most impressive about our planet? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

Preview photo credit Fizrock / reddit
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