18 “Smart” Things That Can Take Us to the Year 3018

While we all wait for the new iPhone to be released, scientists demonstrate truly cool inventions that can change our life right now. A mind-reading tool, a bag that changes its color automatically depending on the color of your clothes, and a watch powered by your body heat are all real things that you can buy now!

Bright Side gathered some items from the future that were unimaginable yesterday.

18. Pocket-sized handheld thermal vision monocular

This FLIR Scout TK pocket-sized thermal monocular is used to explore the outdoors at night and in low-light conditions. Scout TK reveals your surroundings and helps you see objects, people, and animals over 100 yards (90 m) away.

17. Pocket scanner

It’s a new small PUP scanner that you can take with you everywhere. You can scan, store, and share your documents through the internet in just one click.

16. An oven that can cook food in a box of ice

Scientists broke the laws of physics when they invented an oven that cooks hot dishes inside of ice. High-precision sensors determine the food and calculate the amount of energy that’s necessary. This magic oven belongs to the German company Miele and costs $8,000.

Thanks to the new technology, food is cooked faster while retaining all of the useful nutrients and vitamins. Besides, you can prepare 2 dishes on different levels at the same time since the smells won’t be mixed.

15. A gadget that takes care of your skin

Gadget QSun protects your skin from the sun, makes sure you get enough vitamin D, and informs you when it’s time to apply sunscreen. It’s also easy to attach it to your clothes for your convenience.

14. Slippers that come up to you

Nissan (yes, the company that produces cars) also produces “smart” slippers with an automatic parking function. In one of the Japanese hotels, such slippers became one of its features.

13. A bag that can change colors

You don’t have to worry about matching the color of your bag with your clothes anymore. The VanDerWaals brand created bags that can change colors and even charge phones. You can manage your bag via a phone. A special application lets you scan the color of your clothes and synchronize it with your bag. Very useful, isn’t it?

12. A machine that folds your laundry

FoldiMate dries and folds clean clothes with special “hands.” In addition, you can buy treatment capsules that make your laundry smell nice. This may be one of the most useful inventions after the washing machine!

11. A plane resembling a spaceship

British design group Factory Design and Contour Aerospace, the airline seat manufacturer, created a passenger plane in which the seats resemble futuristic cocoons. Each capsule is equipped with a seat and a bed, illumination and temperature controller, and a separate screen.

10. Socks that don’t smell

Chinese company MeltMall claims that their socks will make you feel as if you just got out of the shower even if you’ve been wearing them for a week. Silver, zinc, and copper contained in the fabric reduce any unpleasant odor and kill bacteria.

9. “Smart” shoes that look after your comfort and health

Smartshoe company created shoes that can count steps, keep your feet warm, and accurately distribute the weight when you walk and run.

8. A denim jacket that recognizes gestures and can order pizza

Levi’s and Google created a jacket that reads its owner’s gestures and transfers commands to a smartphone. Thanks to this technology, jackets can, for example, turn on music or order pizza.

7. A cap that won’t let you fall asleep

Ford Trucks developed a cap that won’t allow a driver to fall asleep at the wheel. The embedded device notices the movements of the head and can warn the driver with the help of noises, vibrations, and light signals when it feels that the owner is beginning to fall asleep.

6. A robot that helps lonely people

South-Korean engineers from Yonsei University & KAIST constructed a robot that can cheer up lonely people. It recognizes “living noises” such as the opening of doors and fridges. If your friends also own such a robot, it tells them what you’re up to and you can communicate through the device.

5. Mind-reading device

The AlterEgo device developed by American scientists from MIT Technology can read and understand words that you don’t even need to pronounce. The device looks like an earphone that should be attached to your chin so as to “read” neuromuscular signals. These signals are processed by a program that recognizes a person’s thoughts. This device can also speak and answer using Siri and Google.

4. A pillow that sings lullabies and doesn’t allow you to snore

A pillow produced by Rem-Fit can change its owner’s biological indicators, wake them up gently, prevent them from snoring, and even sing lullabies. The manufacturer claims that only the owner can hear the sound so that other people won’t be disturbed.

3. A watch powered by your body heat

PowerWatch accumulates warmth produced by our organism with the help of the thermoelectric technology and turns it into a source of energy that charges the battery. And it has no sensors and wires. This watch can perform all of the functions of a fitness tracker and works underwater, during the winter, and in the mountains.

2. Earphones that absorb noises and let you hear another person

Wireless earphones IQbuds are unique because they let you hear a person not just via a phone but even if you meet in the crowded street or a noisy place. Using such earphones will let you have a quiet and private date even during a rock concert.

1. A car with “skin”

BMW released a car coated with elastic artificial leather made of special seamless fabric. Such a cover gives the car’s owner an opportunity to adjust it according to their needs. It can even blink!

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