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18 Staggering Photos That Made Us Feel Weird

It’s recommended to start your day with a smile. But how can you smile if you put 2 different shoes on or find a bear in your backyard in the morning? If your life has some surprises for you, just relax, grab your camera, and take some photos.

Bright Side hopes your day has started on a positive vibe.

18. “Came back from a long vacation to literally every single thing on my desk wrapped in tin foil.”

17. Does anyone want to help?

16. How did this person come up with this idea?

15. At least both are black.

14. Seems like you might have to learn some French cooking basics.

13. “I dropped my phone mid selfie.”

12. “So I found a Halloween costume of myself...”

11. Improvise!

10. Jenga isn’t for everyone.

9. “When a car wash is your neighbor.”

8. “Where is my strawberry jam?!”

“With strawberry jam”

7. “I think Lena quit her job today.”

6. “Which gate is my flight at? The game has begun...”

5. When cooking isn’t your favorite hobby:

4. “Do you want us to trim your lawn?”

3. What do you know about unwanted guests?

2. “My boyfriend dropped his phone behind the oven while cooking during our FaceTime last night.”

1. “I wanted to dress as ’Cotton Candy’ for Halloween...”

Have you ever gotten into weird situations in the morning?

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