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18 Stories From Reddit Users Who Fell for an Ad and Still Can’t Get Over Their Disappointment

All of us at least once (and maybe even more) have fallen for the beauty of pictures in ads: juicy burgers, bright toys, devices that can help us in our everyday lives — all these things look perfect on TV but often turn out to be a waste of money in reality. Reddit users shared their stories of the worst purchases they have ever made.

We at Bright Side sympathize with these people’s stories and we decided to share these memories about their purchases with you.

  • When I was like 6 or so, there was a commercial for transformers underwear that came out just before Christmas where the kids wearing them could transform. They were the only thing that I asked for Christmas that year. I forget what my parents/Santa got me, but I distinctly remember being disappointed that it wasn’t transformers underwear. Later that day my grandparents showed up, and when I opened the transformers underwear they got me, it was by far the most excited I have ever or will ever be in my life. I went to the bathroom and put them on, then went back into the living room and proceeded to try to transform in front of my family while they laughed at me. I remember my grandfather joking “maybe you need to plug them in first!” That is easily the most let down I have ever been by a commercial. © nnyx

  • Slap chop. Tried slicing already sliced apples and it just broke. © notreallyfussed

  • That big belt you wear around your waist to help you lose weight. I was 17, spent nearly 6 month’s savings on that thing. © shygirlturnedsassy

  • When I was a kid, I remember seeing a commercial about a remote control car that could drive on walls. Of course, I was amazed. Turns out it was a 10cm-long car that had a built-in vacuum system, made a lot of noise, and was super slow. © yngSeep
  • I hate chopping vegetables so I bought one of those automatic things they show on TV. A whole diced onion in 30 seconds. It mainly just smushed everything, got clogged up, and took forever to clean. Turns out a knife and cutting board is easier. © TRIGMILLION
  • The “inaudible to humans” cat deterrent devices you’re supposed to be able to hide in your garden. It was really loud and piercing and utterly ineffective. I eventually gave up and got a cat. Now only one cat poos in my flowerbeds, which is an improvement, and I know what he eats. © yankonapc
  • Burgers and other fast food when you see them on advertising billboards and then are disappointed by the actual food. © astralrig96
  • My son, who bought an awesome Tag Heuer watch in Chinatown for $10. Real nice, 3 dial watch, for seconds, moon phases, and who knows what else. But, while we were driving home he blurted out from the back seat, “Hey! These dials are just stickers!” © MaxxBlackk

  • Those stick-on bras that don’t have a back strap or top straps. Never have I looked so much like a sad Eeyore, and never have I been able to figure out if peeling slowly or ripping fast would be the best way out of a sticky situation. I did everything as the manual said, but my breasts looked like a mixture of pizza dough and a Shar Pei with really tight but deep wrinkles. © entropy33
  • There was this ham that had commercials especially addressed to kids. It was saying that if you take a bite, you go on an adventure. It also showed the kid that ate it teleporting into a spaceship and going on a space adventure. Bought it and... It was just a regular ham. © SlayzorHunter
  • A teddy toy. I begged for that thing and finally got it for Christmas. In commercials, he looked like a cuddly stuffed animal who talked to you. In reality, he was a rock hard cassette player covered in a thin layer of felt. Snuggling with that thing was like trying to cuddle a vehicle transmission. He was heavy and only worked with special cassettes that cost 4x what a regular tape cost, so the one he came with was it for me. The story was boring, and I lost interest in it almost immediately. Worst thing was, the mechanism that moved his eyes and mouth were incredibly loud. You had to turn up the tape volume all the way, to cover up the buzzing and clicking. Total disappointment, man. © TheSentientSnail

  • Those blackhead cleaning/pore sucking machines. I got a mid-range one, used it how the directions instructed, and all it did was leave my skin red, no visible pores were cleaned whatsoever. Totally useless. © an_jan

  • Literally any shapewear. There are ads all over social media promising that you’ll fit into all your old dresses, but really it’s just a $30 rubber band that you definitely won’t be able to get out of when you need to pee. Either shell out for Spanx or accept the fact that your lower tummy is never gonna look the same after a few kids. © RawketLeeg
  • A hard-boiled egg maker. You usually see the colorful Dash brand ones, but I bought a Cuisinart one that had a metal lid because I thought it was made of better materials and would, therefore, last longer. It is the most awful kitchen gadget I’ve ever bought lol. All it does is blow up the eggs and then leak eggy water all over the counter. I followed the instructions. Same result multiple times. All because I am too lazy to boil water in a pot! © dianupants128

What things did you buy because of the cool commercials that turned out to be a total disappointment?

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