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18 Strange Toys Created by People Who Don’t Seem to Like Kids

Toys for kids are created by adults. Sometimes they get too "excited," and this is how the weirdest toys that leave us speechless appear.

We at Bright Side were surprised by the unstoppable imagination of toy manufacturers, and we decided to share with you the weirdest examples that we found.

1. A doll with a runny nose

2. LEGO strip club

3. This "happy" monkey that can induce psychological trauma.

4. The weirdest Christmas shop window decoration!

5. It seems like she moved when the eyes were attached.

6. Appearances are deceiving.

7. An unequal fight

8. "One of us is drunk."

9. Darth Vader was stung by bees.

10. You'd better not make Honey mad!

11. Overly realistic

12. I wonder if everything is in the correct place here...

13. What were the manufacturers thinking?

14. Kids should know the truth: they weren't brought by storks.

15. Meet John!

16. You can't be prepared enough to face this.

17. This Teletubby doesn't feel well.

18. Don't forget about the baby's baby.

Did you ever see a toy that shocked or surprised you? Tell us about it in the comments.

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