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18 Things That Can Even “Wow” Those Who Claim to Have Seen it All

A famous Brazilian writer named Jorge Amado once said, "The world is like that - incomprehensible and full of surprises." Indeed, there are many amazing things in this world! Whether these things are created by nature or humans, they never fail to amaze us so much that we grab our cameras and hurry to share the pictures with the world.

Here at Bright Side, we're happy to share some pictures of impressive things and creatures we've found online. Look through this list up to the very end to find yet more proof that the world will never cease to amaze us.

1. A sunbeam snake

2. This ball of cuteness they call the lumpsucker fish

3. An underwater Buddha on a small island near Bali

4. A sand sculpture in Taiwan

5. A lake with a hole in it in Portugal

6. A yellow road in Germany

7. A view inside a partially frozen waterfall

8. A coyote statue at the Burning Man Festival, 2013

9. A naturally formed ice shelf shaped by water

10. The guineafowl pufferfish or a "cheese" fish

11. Flowers growing through lava

12. A flying dolphin

13. A squid with human-like teeth

14. Mother and daughter owls together on a tree

15. The death road in Bolivia

16. A glass bubble for viewing fish

17. Dinosaur footprints in Bolivia

18. A solar-powered stadium in Taiwan

Which photo made you say, "Wow!"? Express your opinions in the comments and if you have recently seen something that greatly appreciated amazed you, don't hesitate to share a photo of it with us!

Preview photo credit maura/twitter
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