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18 Things That Can Happen Only in South Korea


In every country, a traveler can notice some oddities that are part of the local everyday life.

Bright Side collected several impressive facts about how life is arranged in South Korea. It seems we can learn a lot from these guys.

On the street, they sell peeled fruit on a stick as a cool treat on a hot day...

...and sweet potatoes for a quick snack.

Trees get drip bags with fertilizers.

Mysterious objects and strange sculptures are everywhere.

Children are carried in travel wagons where they can play and sleep. They're lighter and more convenient than strollers.

A future spouse is chosen according to blood type.

People prefer toilets with remote controls, massages, lighting, and music.

There are heated floors instead of radiators. Children and cats like lying and sleeping on them.

Here you can find singing roads so drivers won't fall asleep at the wheel.

Men actively use cosmetics, so their skin and hair always look perfect.

All cafes and restaurants offer home delivery, and McDonald's is no exception.

In the Seoul subway, there's the world's first supermarket where you can buy products simply by scanning the picture with your cell phone.

Caps with extended transparent visors to protect you from the sun. Very handy when you wear glasses.

For a 16th birthday, eyelid plastic surgery is presented as a gift to make the look more friendly.

Soju is a local alcoholic beverage which is often mixed with beer in special glasses.

Both adults and children drink milk for lunch. They also like yogurt, kefir, and milkshakes.

Kimchi is a national dish of cabbage, in honor of which a whole vegetable museum was created.

The word "kimchi" is said in front of the camera instead of "cheese."

Preview photo credit @daprs1 / twitter