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18 Things the Younger Generation Will Never Understand

If the phrase "Do you remember when..." warms your heart, then this article is going to bring you a lot of joy and help you remember the good old days.

We at Bright Side decided it was time to indulge our sense of nostalgia and recall the things that unite all ’90s kids.

Every music lover had their collection of CDs.

But it wasn’t always possible to keep your music in your pocket.

This is what school life looked like before text messaging appeared.

This rabbit was inside every cell phone.

Our favorite movies were stored on cassette tapes, and we constantly watched out for anyone who wanted to tape over them.

And, of course, in those days you had to rewind movies, and it looked like this.

When you didn’t have a smartphone and had to learn the contents of shampoo by heart.

Can you feel that smell?

No one knows why, but just about everyone had one of these.

The most mysterious character in Tom and Jerry. Everyone wanted to see her face.

These were stuck to every available part of our walls.

We recorded new music on our dictaphones and set it as a ringtone.

And we shared it with others using the IR port.

You were too tasty for this world.

The problem with home telephones that annoyed absolutely everyone.

Not everyone owned Tetris. This, however, is a different story...

When you couldn’t use the phone while the Internet was working. Remember that dial-up sound?

And who could forget these screens?

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