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18 Times Air Travel Was Actually Fun (Spoiler: Not for Everyone)

Everyone who has ever been on a plane knows that air travel can oftentimes be an uphill battle. Especially when there’s that person on your flight that behaves as if they were at home by putting their legs on other passengers’ armrests, stealing someone else’s food or simply taking off their stinky socks.

Bright Side knows that a person can go through more emotions in an airport or on an airplane than they would on an entire week of vacation. So we’ve collected the funniest and most absurd photos taken by airplane passengers.

Someone dropped off one can of beer.

“Someone tell him his bath is ready!”

Hand luggage a la sturgeon

A passenger is trying to heat up their pizza using the reading light.

Children’s spontaneity: level 80

“My brother is a pilot and spotted this during an in-air refuel.”

Want to take a guess?

The world can wait while this couple expresses their PDA at the terminal entrance/exit.

Apparently, the kid was entertained during the entire flight.

“So confused about this old lady in front of me.”

When you’re not allowed to carry milk on board:

Someone’s kid is plucking the hair off of a passenger’s leg.

Someone was going to take a bow onboard.

“Now I think I’ve seen everything.”

A toe that had been in a shoe for a long time is the best assistant when crafting a bracelet.

Relationship status: “I can lean my legs on you.”

Seems like someone got a little too dolled up...

We wonder what the owner of this luggage was thinking.

Bonus: May you always have fellow travelers as nice as this one.

What was the funniest and probably most awkward situation you’ve been in or seen on a plane? Please tell us about it in the comments!

Preview photo credit ashley.d.gillespie / Instagram
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