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18 Times People Had One Job and Failed Dramatically

No matter how attentive we are, sometimes things go wrong.

Bright Side offers you 18 amusing examples of what happens when the situation gets out of control.

18. When the designer works without days off.

17. Just a shy traffic light.

16. What have they done to you, Pikachu?

15. Pimp my car — cheap version.

14. She’s clearly the Terminator’s close relative.

13. You sure it works like this?

12. Gulliver in the land of giants.

11. Cycling with barriers.

10. For those who have long dreamed of acclimating themselves.

9. R — resourcefulness.

8. Carousel for dwarfs.

7. The guy wanted a cake with an image and gave the confectioner a flash drive where he saved it.

6. Never anger food service employees — they’re already having a hard time.

5. Someone seems to have skipped geography classes.

4. Urban planning. Level: genius

3. Design fail or design win?

2. Not the best spot for flowers.

1. It’s important to get off in time...

...or to not get on at all.

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