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18 Times People Took Hilarious Snapchats at Really Awkward Moments

Snapchat is being used by 100 million people who send 1 billion snaps every day. And people use it for more than just taking normal pictures. They share their happy moments, their sad moments, and some things that might too awkward to be seen by others.

Bright Side compiled a few of these moments captured on Snapchat. They will definitely give you a good laugh. Take a look!

He wanted a pet dog or a pet fish?

That day when even your ice cream doesn't want to cooperate:

When you are in a hurry to do your laundry:

Straight from the shower:

Don't worry...happens to the best of us.

Indeed an awkward moment

When you really need to kill some time:

Right in the middle of the bushes:

So painful:

When you spent one dollar for an iPhone:

Daddys are not always best at judging the outcome.

Clearly somebody is not going to have a good night.

When your car feels hot, hot, hot:

What were they trying to say?

My 13-year-old nephew turns into a 70-year-old Asian man when he eats it skateboarding.

When you really, really want to watch the World Cup.

When you are a big fan of school interiors.

When you are too obedient to break the rules:

Bonus: This isn't a Snapchat picture, but we felt like sharing it with you.

This young lady planned her own wedding and "surprised" her boyfriend. A totally awkward moment.

We hope you've had a better day after seeing these pics. If you also have a Snapchat moment to share, please do. We will be waiting.

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