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18 Times People Were So Savage, It Left Us Winded

To be savage, one must choose to go on their own path without ever caring about what others have to say about it. In some cases, we believe being savage is worth proudly showing off.

At Bright Side, we’re pretty amused by the people on this list who flaunt their savagery without a care in the world. But we’re eager to know — which picture is your favorite?

1. Who would’ve thought that church could be so savage?

2. Seems like a very tired neighbor...

3. Just saying...

4. There’s important info on the urinal.

5. Definitely a scene from the prequel...

6. Honest and accurate

7. The only way this is giving out a charge is if it’s a charge of cuteness.

8. “This ’watch your step’ sign at a restaurant I was at today”

9. Trailer life, trailer porch

10. Technically, that’s correct.

11. Another attention seeker

12. When a man is the master of his domain:

13. “So, I gave my cat a fort.”

14. “We did a pretty accurate recreation.”

15. “Got the Domino’s guy to buy me McDonald’s in the special instructions section.”

16. Nothing will stop him from watching!

17. Hope he got that shot.

18. Dedication of a true fan

Which one of these pics showed true savagery? Be sure to share your views on the topic in the comment section below!

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