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18 Times Veggies Looked Too Human to Eat

Fruits and vegetables are sometimes shaped weirdly. Very often these cute natural creations don't even make it to the supermarkets due to their non-uniform shape. In the US, an astonishing number of 6 billion pounds of "ugly" plants are thrown away each year. This is a pity, as their unusual shape make these vegetables special and often even human-like.

At Bright Side, we smiled and laughed a lot while collecting these pictures of imperfect veggies and berries from the Internet. Look through this list until the end and be sure to pay attention to these funny shapes next time you are making your soup or salad.

1. A depressed carrot thinking about its life choices.

2. Very sophisticated daikon radish

3. Little carrot kid hugging its mother.

4. Extremely scared pepper

5. Radish foot

6. Free eggplant hugs

7. The daikon radish is running away!

8. A fabulously strong broccoli

9. An alpha-male carrot

10. The spooky pickle

11. Bless you, Mr. Pepper.

12. Berry good!

13. Faceplant

14. The marathon broccoli

15. "I stepped on a tomato."

16. The strawberry explores the world with its eyes wide open.

17. A grumpy pepper

18. Bonus:

Buddha-shaped pears are in high demand in China and are believed to bring good luck. They are grown by putting pears in molds of different shapes when they are little and are widely used by farmers to make star-shaped cucumbers, square watermelons, and heart-shaped potatoes.

Which vegetable from this list did you like the most? Have you also noticed weirdly shaped vegetables and fruits in your garden? Share your opinions and pictures of your finds in the comments.

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