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18 Types of Buyers That Can Make Any Sellers’ Eyes Twitch

When going shopping, some people leave both their conscience and good manners at home. Their behavior in shops and supermarkets can be described with one short phrase: “devil-may-care”. And all sellers are left to do is give them scorching looks because “a client is always right.” Or they could take a camera and show the whole world their most hooligan vagaries! Maybe some people will change the way they behave after seeing them.

We at Bright Side think that the line between a funny trick and a real vagary is very thin and many buyers often cross it. We invite you to look at their buffoonery yourself.

1. It feels like there has just been an earthquake in this toy store...

2. ...because there is no other way we can explain what’s going on here.

3. People who do this are awful.

4. This pie spoiled because someone wanted to buy it but changed their mind later and didn’t bother to put it back in its place.

5. “My neighbor regularly steals and piles up grocery carts outside our apartment building.”

6. This is how parking in front of a liquor store looks:

7. This guy left selfies on all the devices in the store.

8. Pistachios are quite expensive nowadays and some people found a way out.

9. Are potato chips that expensive too?

10. It seems someone hates ping-pong.

11. Jeez, who did that?

12. “Would I get a discount on a pre-used deodorant?”

13. Anyone can get tired but why sit on a cheese shelf?

14. That’s why sellers have to come up with extra preventive measures. Now cheese is protected.

15. Sitting on a beverage vending machine is definitely not the best solution to freshen oneself up.

16. However, sometimes it seems that sellers challenge their buyers intentionally.

17. And sometimes sellers become real nervous wrecks.

18. These guys brought a bathtub full of coins to buy an iPhone for $1,600. It took the seller 2 hours to count all the money.

Bonus: It seems this cat has mixed things up.

Translation: “granulated sugar”

Have you ever met nasty buyers you wanted to un-meet? Or at least give them a lecture on how one should behave in a supermarket? Please tell us your stories in the comments!

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