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18 Unedited Pictures That Still Manage to Mess With Your Perception

Forced perspective is a technique that manipulates our vision to create some astonishing illusions. Some of them can make your head spin!

We at Bright Side are fond of visual riddles and some of the ones on this list are quite tough to solve. Do you think you'd know the answer to all of them immediately?

It's all about timing.

A bodiless cow

Nothing is more awesome than high-fiving a shark!

"Daddy needed a hand."

The bubble boy

What an attentive little kitty!

"Just waiting for my train, nothing to see here."

The ultimate beach illusion

"This seems like good placing, I'll put it here."

Some big shoes to fill

The floor, the wall - what's the difference?

You go, girl!

Cat magician

These arms tho...

Giant kitty roadblock

The portal to another dimension

The world's biggest cat

Mega jello shot

Did any of the entries on this list make you a little dizzy? Please share your pictures of confusing perspectives and thoughts with us in the comment section!

Preview photo credit xxCrunchYYT / reddit, Asalym / imgur
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