A New Horse Mask Trend Is Rocking the Internet, and the Photos Are Almost Too Hilarious

According to the internet, a horse's life doesn't seem too bad. These days, horses are appearing more and more in shopping mall windows, wedding cakes - and even on horses...you read that right.

At Bright Side we're fascinated with Internet trends and the "horse head trend" is no exception! While many trends come and go, this one seems to be staying put as people keep coming up with incredibly funny pictures using the hilarious horse Halloween mask.

College life looks wild!

The Christmas star is outdated anyways.

That's a long straw...

Breaking the law

You can only take a graduation album picture once.

Hanging out with friends

Meeting their ancestors

Healthy like a horse

Did you call... Superhorse?

What a couple!

"I can prance circles around your style!"

It takes work to turn a horse into a unicorn!

What a pretty family!

A confused centaur

To horse or not to horse?

Who's the horse? Me?

How to sleep in class without the professor noticing:

Celebrity look-alike

Health is important.

When you're tired of riding yourself:

The best way to announce a sale:

Which horse picture was your favorite? Share with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit unknown/imgur
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