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18 Utterly Weird Items Found at Garage Sales

Flea markets are amazing for finding rare items and cute knick-knacks, but most of all, you can count on them when you're looking for something really unexpected.

At Bright Side, we're not afraid of strange finds, but to be honest, some of these entries left us feeling a little spooked. What do you think?

Great mannequins

"My friend is always posting about her 'art' for sale. It always includes creepy doll parts."

An "upcycled" deer head

Buy one demon get another one free!

This "over the hill" snow globe has pieces of hair swirling around inside it instead of snowflakes.

"Guess what I found at a consignment store..."

A homemade creation with teeth and old do not like it.

"Bought this at a garage sale today. Finally, I have a place to store all my dead flies."

Found in an antique store in Grand Rapids

A flexible dog statue

Frisky ash tray

Bull's-eye chair

Good summer reading

"A real illuminated squirrel skeleton in a lantern? Just what I’ve been looking for!"

Quite a horrifying snowball

"This 'bra-tree' at a garage sale near my parent's house"

A decorative "thing" with feet

"Felt my soul get siphoned from my body after taking this photo."

Which item on this list amazed you the most? Be sure to share your opinion in the comments even if it's really unexpected - just like this list is!

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