18 Wacky Mannequins That Are Impossible to Pass by

Shop window decorators do their utmost best to attract more customers, and mannequins are their main weapons in this struggle. But, sometimes, their unbridled creativity leads to the appearance of something truly grotesque.

Today Bright Side presents to you a collection of the best examples of these unlikely masterpieces!

Ah, ah, ah, ah... Wait! I can do John Travolta!

Green is the color of joy, isn't it?

Very nice. Is that a fountain of blood?

Wow, that's one realistic mannequin!

The ideal attire for corporate parties.

The sight of this charming fellow nearly gave me a heart attack!

Excuse me, I think I'd better come back later...

This must be the most honest shop in the world!

A monument to male despair...

For someone, these pants might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Every morning, heading to work, I feel a deep spiritual connection with this dummy.

Makes you forget why you came to the shop in the first place!

Compared to me, this guy is a natural for wearing polo shirts!

Finally! This looks like my kind of shop!

Well, hello there!

When your son takes after mom...

Lack of protein, or what?

- But listen, honey...

- No! I'm sick and tired of your excuses!

Preview photo credit Ok_lahoma/twitter
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