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18 Weird Photos Where Bizarre Stuff Is Going On

If you took all the photos from this article and made a movie based on them, we are sure that you’d get at least a couple of Oscar nominations. Meanwhile, we can only look at these weird photos and ask ourselves why our own lives are so boring.

Bright Side gathered 18 of the most curious photos from the farthest corners of the internet, and we invite you to guess what is really going on in these photos. There’s a bonus for you at the end of the article: a cat is trying to summon the Dark Lord. We think.

This photo could serve as the basis for the sequel to Gone in 60 Seconds.

We guess we missed important news from the noodle world.

“I want to be a duck that knows no boundaries and forget about my work and other stuff.”

Is the fish winning?

When you miss the good old days:

This is not for the faint-hearted.

Everyone likes dogs, but we like dogasaur.

Because this is what a vegan would do.

Because standing on your legs is an outdated rule.

When you buy a car with an optimum set of devices:

Pets can be different.

Is the passenger doing it wrong?

When someone is monitoring you:

Meanwhile in a parallel reality...

It’ll add more weight in the eyes of others.

Perhaps there’s something we don’t know about bananas...

So many questions...

Bonus: Is he trying to summon the Dark Lord?

We all have weird photos that only we know the meaning of. Have you ever managed to capture bizarre moments with your camera? Share your photos with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit cobeh64/flickr
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