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18 X-rays That Will Tell You More About Your Body Than Anatomy Textbooks

The human body is a perfect mechanism. While you are working, sleeping, and playing sports, your body is pumping blood and the brain is working tirelessly. We wouldn’t have been able to see all these processes without the invention of Wilhelm Röntgen: 120 years ago he discovered rays that literally allow us to see through people. And today, you can learn about the secrets your body is hiding from you.

Bright Side has looked through hundreds of MRI scans and X-rays, and chose the most fascinating ones. We bet you’ve never seen opera sung on a scanner.

1. The brain of a person in a coma and the brain of a healthy person

2. This is a panoramic shot of a jaw. The man forgot to take his glasses off.

3. A 16-month-old boy swallowed a foreign object. It’s a Sponge Bob pendant.

4. Tractography (a special MRI method) shows the nerve tracts that connect different regions of the brain.

5. This X-ray of a human shows an implanted AbioCor Replacement Heart.

6. A woman with a baby in an MRI scanner

7. A woman put on a lot of makeup before her CT-scan. The machine scanned her heavily made up eyelashes.

8. An X-ray of a patient who had a facelift procedure with gold threads

9. A CT-scan of the abdominal area of a guy who was caught transporting illegal substances

10. How a person’s hand changes from 8 months old to 18 years old

11. An image of an ankle viewed from the side made with a spectral scanner

12. An X-ray of a patient that weighs 410 lb

13. MRI of opera singer Michael Volle singing Richard Wagner’s Tannhäuser

14. This shows alcohol-related vermian atrophy. Because of the alcohol, the brain and cerebellum have decreased in size.

15. A child turning in the womb

16. These are the blood vessels in the finger. This is why we bleed when we cut our fingers even a little.

17. The aorta is the biggest artery in our body.

18. The teeth of a person who is 7 (the photo on top) and a person who is 30 (the photo on the bottom)

Bonus: Sometimes radiologists are tired of looking through scans and decided to make a joke

A patient-cosplayer got stuck in a stormtrooper costume. Actually, not really.

This is the mini nuclear reactor of Tony Stark in an X-ray.

Which of these scans surprised you the most? Do you have any scans like these?

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