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19 Alluring Situations That May Make You Want to Say, “Interesting...”

The most interesting things come unexpectedly. And it doesn’t matter whether it is a natural or human design. We simply want to stop and watch it for a moment, or admire it the entire day. It works even for simple objects, like drain covers. Being painted as fancy cartoon characters, they are quite catchy and attract the attention of everybody who comes across them.

We at Bright Side went a step further and found more bewildering situations that sometimes go beyond the scope of everything we take as usual and absolutely normal.

1. “A macro photo I took that I really like”

2. “My face is feeling the −16.6°F (-27°C) weather.”

3. “My daughter and wife have the same natural ’crooked’ hair part.”

4. “You have been visited by the lucky hat-wearing toad.”

5. “A natural toilet”

6. “It’s just a chess game.”

7. “Spikes on a truck wheel”

8. “Fish made out of trash collected from the ocean”

9. “The Sydney airport has a toilet/break room for assistance animals.”

10. “My neighbor’s topiary looks like Mr. Krabs.”

11. “This koi has a question mark on its head.”

12. “When the city-bike dock is full, you’ve got to get creative.”

13. “The ’expression’ on this ant hill”

14. “A sink made out of a pile of rocks”

15. “On my walk, I found a pair of dentures set into the concrete in front of a house.”

16. “This snail refuses to leave my motorcycle.”

17. “Hitting the slopes”

18. “Woof on the roof!”

19. These awesome sewer covers seen while walking in Tokyo

What situations or phenomena catch your eye? What things do you find the most interesting in this world? Why? Please share your views in the comments below.

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