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19 Animals and Things We Didn’t Expect to Look So Unique

We’re surrounded by many different things. Unfortunately, some of them look quite similar: grasshoppers are green, turtles have shells, fire trucks are red, and carrots are orange. But nature sometimes breaks its own rules and we meet animals and things that look completely unusual!

Bright Side is sure that everyone and everything can stand out from the crowd.

19. A Cantor’s giant softshell turtle

18. This black carrot

17. A blue German Shepherd

16. Ran out of dye...

15. A transparent Pepsi

14. This dog looks like a cheetah!

13. Fire trucks shouldn’t always be red.

12. The same goes for “stop” signs!

11. Ladybugs

10. An unusual pink cement truck

9. Incredibly big grapes

8. These traffic cones

7. White raspberries found in Scotland

6. A dalmatian with golden spots

5. Pink grasshoppers

4. A purple cactus

3. A black squirrel with a brown tail

2. Orange toilet paper

1. This butterfly is a gynandromorph: it’s both a male and a female.

Have you ever seen any of these creatures or objects in real life? Tell us about it!

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