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19 Comparisons That Are Far More Eloquent Than Words

Absolutely everything should be tracked in comparisons: how fast time flows, how much weight someone loses, pets’ habits, and so on. Lately, Internet users have noticed some interesting things about their lives thanks to before and after comparisons and managed to reveal these changes to others online.

We at Bright Side have seen countless photo comparisons online and want to show you the coolest ones!

“My grandpa and me in medical school, 70 years apart (equally sleep-deprived)”

“Why did McDonald’s turn from a happy child into a depressive adult?”

“The size difference between mine and my husband’s rings”

Habits don’t change, even with age

“My grandmother at the age of 48 and 70 — a great example of how the right man influences a woman!”

“My cat and me 14 years ago and us today!”

“Kitchen in UV light”

“From 540 lb to 320 lb in 5 years”

“The baby horse is all grown up, but still sleeps with his teddy years later.”

“My mom saved my dress all these years just for this moment right here.”

“Found myself in a Berlin museum!”

“This is Tyson and Snickers. Over the years, they’ve perfected the duo-snooze. Tyson always waits for Snickers to fall asleep first.”

“Meet Copper. He came to us timid and afraid a few months ago when we left some leftover dinners in our front garden. Now he comes a few times a day for his (specially bought) chicken drumsticks, is a total sweetheart, and made a full recovery from the dangerous condition he was in.”

“He looks all grown-up.”

“Losing weight is awesome.”

“55-year difference — my paternal grandma and me”

This tall man and short woman

“My dad and me in 2007, 2014, and 2019...”

“The same place, 5 years later”

Do you have any photo comparisons that don’t even need any comments to be impressive? Share them with us!

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