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18 Crazy Photos That Prove Every Beach Is Full of Surprises


It’s really trendy to take millions of pictures on vacation and post them online. When taking vacation photos, many people capture as many fun moments as they can along with ones they’ll never be able to forget.

Bright Side has collected funny beach photos that will hopefully remind you of past vacations you’ve taken, and excite you for future trips!

18. Girls wear high heels everywhere — even in the sea.

17. When you always have to be trendy:

16. Good company is the most important thing.

15. Beach fashion trends

14. Loneliness be like:

13. A vape in your beach photo is a must.

12. When the sun is too bright:

11. The most magnificent swimsuit is better than the sexiest bikini.

10. “A sweet old man at the beach asked, ’Would you like me to take a photo of you two lovebirds?’ My wife said, ’Yes please!’ ”

9. Instead of sunscreen...

8. At least you won’t get burned.

7. A musician’s beach pictures

6. Sun protection: God level

5. When your vacation turns into Russian roulette:

4. It’s yoga time.

3. When you have a social phobia but still love to enjoy the beach:

2. A flamingo trying to swim

1. " ’Take your child to the beach’, they said. ’You’ll love it,’ they said."

Have you ever encountered anything interesting or funny at the beach?

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