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19 Deceiving Photos That Are Pure Illusions

If you want to see your reality collapse, this article is definitely for you. We gathered the most interesting illusions that we could find off the wondrous internet.

Bright Side demonstrates some situations that show their “true face” only if we look closer... a lot closer.

“The moss on my pond looks like an aerial picture.”

Her legs are so slim! Um, wait...

This “meteor”

“My boy climbing an old rotten tree stump looks like a giant climbing up mountains.”

This dog’s ear looks like the face of a baboon.

This water mist with orange lights looks like fire.

“Just 5 more minutes, Mom! I’m a good boy!”

Tourists will be tourists.

Something’s wrong...

Air rings colliding underwater

“This Hawaii volcano forms a smiley face during the eruption.”

Dolphins flying in the sky

The pattern formed by these tables and their shadows

How is that possible?

“Mud spatters on the car window created an accidental Monet on my friend’s road trip.”

Fields that look like a palette.

“The spilled ink on my finger looks like a forest fire has taken place.”

Light can be an incredible illusion.

The bark of this tree looks like a painting.

Which of these pictures impressed you most? Do you have any photos to add to this collection? Share them with us!

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