19 Disasters That Can Happen Before Your First Sip of Coffee in the Morning

Mornings are tough. Despite this fact, most of us are able to function normally an hour after waking up. But not all of have an easy time with this. Turns out, what we experience every morning can be much worse.

Bright Side has collected photos of people who just barely started their day before they already needed a break.

1. “I felt something in my shoe this morning...”

2. “I read my fortune in coffee grounds and got the stork which means I won’t be drinking coffee today.”

3. Pirate pie

4. No need to clean the floor now!

5. “Well, this electric gas thing is tough!”

6. Better drink it right out of the carton.

7. “Roommate had a bad morning.”

8. “Feels like the whole world is against my healthy lifestyle.”

9. Radioactive waffles are the hardest to make.

10. Artists always break the rules.

11. Never forget about the cap!

12. A bit of physics magic

13. Why use it on the stove anyway?

14. Some food just has bad luck...

15. “And I was just about to complain about spilling my coffee on my way out...”

16. Is this person paying for something bad they did to dinosaurs?

17. Cake in a cup: reality vs expectation

18. The best part of the day is ruined.

19. If it didn’t work the first time, try it again to confirm the result of the experiment.

Have you ever had a terrible, yet funny morning? Share your story with us in the comments below!

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