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19 Embarrassing Things That Can Happen When You Go Shopping

There are certain things we all do at the supermarket, like falling for offers we don’t need or taking things and leaving them on the wrong shelf. While it may not be right, it’s a normal occurrence which is why we’re not surprised. The good news is that we don’t have to feel too bad thanks to the people that go to supermarkets and take the madness to a whole new level.

Bright Side has found a few bizarre moments caught on camera by customers in various supermarkets. Try to guess their backstory (spoiler: perhaps many of them are aliens).

1. The best man at grocery shopping

2. Well...that’s weird.

3. When someone tells you to chill:

4. “Take my money!”

5. When you really can do it in one trip:

6. “What a nice little...forget what I said.”

7. “Okay, only healthy food today, Mr. Cat.”

8. Somehow it sounds like a treat.

9. Poor guy was shopping with 3 girls. He laid down for a second and they just left him like this.

10. “I take my hedgehog grocery shopping, and no one tells me to stop.”

11. Bet he plays metal.

12. Perfect blanket

13. “Can I see your ID?”

14. Never send fathers with children to go shopping.

15. Perfect aisle

16. “Let’s go camping, I know the perfect place.”

17. “Mom went couch shopping. She sent my sister a pic when we noticed something...”

18. “That moment when you find a young Michael Jackson alive while grocery shopping”

19. “Saw Jack Sparrow and Wolverine shopping for a bottle of water today.”

Have you ever seen something fun or embarrassing during a shopping trip? Share it with us in the comments!

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