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19 Examples of Service Every Client Wants to See

It seems that they just do their jobs. But they do them so well that they make thousands of users around the world share the photos of what they see. You’re about to see hotels, shops, restaurants, and cafes that can make a client truly happy.

Bright Side has gathered some photos of places that really value their clients.

This shopping cart has a scanner to tally up everything in your cart:

“I’m proud to be in a hotel that doesn’t discriminate against short people.”

This supermarket has confectionary-free checkouts for parents unwilling to have children demanding that they buy some.

“My hotel phone has a number for bedtime stories.”

The Walmart in Honolulu has an escalator for shopping carts!

“My dad eats at this restaurant so much that he has his own sugar.”

“Don Juan’s sugar.”

“I wanted a lot of cream. This is what I got.”

“Asked for a nice view from my hotel room and got this...”

“Booking a hotel room and they give you the option of adding a dog. I like the look of the first one.”

This cafe prints a picture of you on your drink’s foam:

This towel art in a cruise​ ship cabin:

“Best service attendant I ever had! Wawa gas station in New Jersey.”

“I asked the hotel if I could bring my cat. This is what I found in the room.”

This hotel in Quebec refunds you $6.00 each day you waive room cleaning, in order to reduce the chemical load on the environment.

“The supermarket at my university allows you to vote on new products and at 50 likes, it is added to the shop.”

This beautiful towel elephant with flowers:

“Supermarket how-to”

This hotel lets you choose what your room will smell like:

“Just moved to California... Are bands in the supermarket a normal thing here?”

Which photo had you laughing the most? Have you ever seen anything similar? Share your photos and stories with us in the comments section below!

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