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19 Facepalm Situations That Can Make Even a Buddhist Monk Furious

Unfortunately, our lives sometimes give us unpleasant surprises. For example, you want to press the button to cross the street and someone put their gum on it. Or when you order a cocktail at a restaurant and it is made entirely of ice. Even the calmest people might get really angry in situations like these.

Bright Side will show you 19 photos that could make anyone angry. We hope that the people who do these things will stop after this post.

Thanks for putting your gum on the pedestrian cross button so that I could go to press it and touch it.

If you have halogen headlights or drive with your high beams on...

Some leftover chocolate from Christmas

I can’t park my own car in my driveway thanks to this guy!

These auto shut off faucets

“The color I ordered vs What I received, it’s not even the same case!”

This man taking up 4 seats on public transit

Bad parenting club

All 3 of my purple sharpies write in completely different colors.

When people park like this:

When they give you this much ice:

Ads glued to your windshield

The amount of tags on 2 pairs of jeans

People who play games on their phone at full volume in public spaces

When you get this instead of a normal sandwich:

“Woke up to realize my phone wasn’t charging all night.”

When your sauce opens like this:

“The mess left by the people who sat next to me at the movies”

This is why you need to put your cart back in the corral when you’re finished with it.

How often do you meet people who seem to have been raised in the wild?

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