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19 Gifted People Who Should Get a Medal for Doing Their Job

Employees are all different, but each team has a member who deserves a monetary reward for their excellent sense of humor. These people know how to sleep on a plane or speed up the process of pizza delivery.

Bright Side is sure that each of these people should be rewarded with something: a vacation, a monetary reward, or internet fame.

When a client wants their pizza piping hot:

An urge to sleep makes our imagination work overtime.

When a client wants you to show them “the way it works”:

After a long flight:

Someone got tired of the snow.

“My computer teacher brought in bagels during our final exam.”

When all processes are automated in your head:

When it’s −20°F, and shop owners care about their customers:

When you didn’t have time to wash your car before work:

A worker draws Mickey Mouse for a boy.

It’s a hint that you’re going to spend a lot of time in line.

When the only thing you want after work is a good nap:

“Slow down, sir.”

An employee wearing hamburger and fries socks

“My coworker tried to be cute and put a Rudolph nose on a squishy unicorn. We got a complaint...”

Good electricians will always find a solution.

“I went to the back door of my office and found this. I finally figured out that the door lock was broken and they secured it like this.”

When you can feel Friday in the air:

6 seconds and your hairstyle is perfect.

Bonus: Doctors’ sincere concern is priceless.

This boy was about to undergo surgery and started crying as soon as he was wheeled into the room. The young nurse, Ma Tongyan, decided to bring him toys and hold the hand of the 2-year-old child to calm him down.

Do you have a funny or creative colleague at work?

Preview photo credit Dingxi People's Hospital
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