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19 Glorious Times Pranksters Totally Nailed It

The most famous pranksters have millions of subscribers on YouTube and other platforms, and even make money pranking! But we think these pranksters deserve a prize too.

At Bright Side, we always give credit where credit is due, and we simply could not hold on to this collection of pranks without showing it to you.

19. "A cup prank at my high school."

18. On Halloween, try dipping Brussel sprouts in chocolate to play a nasty trick.

17. Have you noticed that Kraft cheese mix is identical in color to orange juice?

16. How to give your colleague a heart attack:

15. "One time, my sister scared the heck out of my parents by walking down the stairs like this."

14. "I hope you enjoyed your deodorant refilled with butter, bro."

13. This is plain old Easter evil.

12. Variations of a "mouse trap"

11. "My brother changed his photo on the staircase to Kim Jong-un and my mum still hasn't noticed after 2 weeks."

10. The unbreakable ring

9. How to trigger a fear of insects in a few easy steps:

8. Birthday prank for a colleague

7. It's not an office prank if the person loves their new cubicle decorations...

6. Mr. Bean is unexpected!

5. "A coworker spider-webbed our office as a going away prank when she left."

4. "My brother hates Nicolas Cage so I thought I'd give his pictures a revamp."

3. "My roommate has a date coming by later and asked me to clean because he's not home. So obviously I made a Princess Diana shrine in his room."

2. "Tried to prank my mom. She just took a photo and went inside."

1. A prank for a Jurassic Park lover

Which one of these pranks would make you jump up out of your seat? Share your favorite pranks with us in the comments!

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