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19 Hilarious Pictures That Prove Not All Heroes Wear Capes

We are all grown up and don’t believe in heroes anymore, but they actually do exist! Sometimes all we need to do is change the way we look at things.

Bright Side has found a handful of photos featuring some modern heroes. They may not look like Thor but they sure act mighty!

1. Team work is important.

2. The name of this hero is Friendman

3. So dangerous!

4. This guy is the airport hero.

5. Unknown Lord of Wagons

6. The next level would be to bring toilet paper.

7. “I’ve carried chalk in my car for 10 months just so I could do this once. Yesterday was the day.”

8. True love

9. The man who sleeps well at night

10. We definitely need that one near every market

11. And all this is for free!

12. The oldest (104 years old) street artist/yarn-bomber in world

13. Irreplaceable!

14. The delivery guy got stuck on a flooded road, but still saved the pizza.

15. Somebody should shake up these people’s life values.

16. How heroic!

17. Hero of the roads

18. “Yes, please.”

19. Not all heroes wear capes... but some actually do.

Do you have your own hero in the neighborhood? Have you ever done something heroic yourself? Share it with us in the comments below!

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