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19 Hilarious Times People Had Too Much Fun Posing With Statues

Just one shot can transform an average bear into a saviour and a greek figure into a dancer from a Beyoncé music video. Decades ago, statues were built to honor great people or events. Today on the streets, you’re likely to see something like a figure of a huge pigeon or a resentful girl. Some clever people can’t pass these creations without taking pictures with them in the most unusual poses.

Bright Side gathered 19 creative posing ideas for great statue photos.

19. “Finally, I’ve caught you.”

18. “Sorry to interrupt your touching moment...”

17. Rumors, rumors...

16. Freedom is coming.

15. “I didn’t eat your raspberry!”

14. Mortal Combat on city streets

13. “Big pigeon, spare me! Some sunflower seeds are in my back pocket.”

12. “I’m not talking to you.”

11. One more good excuse to justify tardiness

10. This is what happens to people who don’t give up their seat on the bus:

9. “Take her away from me, please.”

8. “Wow, is it a candle?”

7. “Oh, darling! Close the door.”

6. “Dance with me, girl!”

5. Slipping the barber a tip

4. Same problems through the ages

3. “All the single ladies, put your hands up!”

2. Don’t mess with a hockey player.

1. Cute rescue service

What’s your favorite pose to make with a statue? Tell us in the comments!

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