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19 Kings of Laziness Who Need New Batteries

Sometimes you might feel lazy and tired. Fitness experts state that nowadays being active has become super-easy. But some people have just broken the record for lasting the longest in energy-saving mode. Don’t mention the gym to people like this, they won’t even put any effort into the easiest everyday duties.

At Bright Side, we have defeated our laziness and sampled these images for you. These funny pictures show lazybones avoiding every possible effort.

1. When everybody in the family has wheels:

2. “Eating can be very difficult, you know.”

3. “Yes, I’m a postman, but the dwellers could arrange the letters themselves.”

4. Why make so many tiny pies?

5. “Get out of the car? Pff...”

6. The car can for sure charge itself.

7. “We are walking!”

8. Being too lazy to throw it away isn’t a crime.

9. “This is my B-day cake, and it says a lot about me.”

10. Lazy fundraising alternatives

11. “I can see through the window, why bother to do more?”

12. “Stairs?! I’m too tired!”

13. “I’m too lazy to stand up or buy a remote.”

14. Moving the neck is super difficult!

15. How a lazybones walks a dog

16. “Sure, sir, I hid it well.”

17. Watering the lawn is tiring these days.

18. Lazy potato salad...super-lazy

19. When even your watch knows how lazy you are:

Are you sometimes lazy? Please, tell us in the comments how you survive your low-energy times!

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