20 Mind-Blowing Tricks of Nature

Sometimes the world around us is so extraordinary that it's hard to believe it’s real. We have to admit that the Universe knows a lot about tricks.

Bright Side has collected several examples proving it is worth getting out of the house and looking at everything with eyes wide open.

20. An aurora australis in Australia, seen from a cave. The entrance to the cave repeats the outlines of the continent.

The amount of oxygen and nitrogen changes the color of the lights from yellow-green to red-lilac, flooding the entire sky with a rainbow, as seen in Scotland. And more recently, polar lights were found on other planets: Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter.

19. A rainbow can be caused by the Moon. And at its end, there is more than a pot of gold.

This rainbow appears near waterfalls during a full moon. The Indians believed that the person who saw the moon rainbow could understand the language of spirits and attract luck.

18. A lava pit that seems to suck the souls of the damned into the underworld.

A channel formed inside the pit. Cooling down, it became like a tunnel or a tube. It is in such lava tubes that scientists are planning to build bases on the Moon.

17. A green flash at sunset that opens a portal between the worlds of the living and the dead.

This is the flash Mr. Gibbs of Pirates of the Caribbean talked about and the flash chased by the characters of Jules Verne. The phenomenon is very rare and lasts only 2 seconds: the color can go from green to blue or red.

16. An opal worth $20,000 that looks like a micro galaxy.

This isn’t the most expensive opal in the world, but it's definitely the most beautiful. Opals were once valued on a par with diamonds, but in the 19th century this stone was featured in several novels, turning into a talisman of failure, and its popularity plummeted.

15. Beaches where you can swim in a sea of ​​stars.

Thanks to the waves and a special kind of plankton, it seems as if thousands of stars are floating in the water. Obligatory conditions for this are a moonlit night, as few clouds in the sky as possible, and your presence on one of these beaches. And then, on a cloudless night, it seems as if the sky and the sea merge together.

14. The volcanic lightning scientists have been chasing for centuries.

Known as a "dirty thunderstorm" and very rare, this lightning appears during major eruptions. It is formed from particles of ash and volcanic steam and often becomes a harbinger of a serious catastrophe.

13. The zodiacal dust cloud that turned Queen's guitarist into a PhD.

At the heart of this beauty is ordinary dust and a little sunshine, but this phenomenon has been stirring the minds of scientists for hundreds of years. Brian May, guitarist of Queen and astrophysicist, recently defended his thesis on this topic.

12. A false sun or a false moon?

Sunlight and ice crystals deceive our eyes, creating the illusion of a bright spot in the sky. It is often mistaken for the Sun, the Moon, or a UFO. This phenomenon was written about by Shakespeare in Henry VI. In ancient times, several suns in the sky were considered a portent of a terrible disaster.

11. The mushrooms which are more like aliens’ eggs.

Clathrus archeri, or the "fingers of the devil," are unusual mushrooms growing in the midst of mosses and lichens. If something looks like it wants to kill you, know that it's from Australia. Like this mushroom.

10. Pillars of divine light coming from heaven.

9. The fiery devil who has escaped from hell.

Previously, it was believed that in such a whirlwind, genies and demons would appear in the world of people, getting out of the underworld. The temperature inside can reach 2,000°C (3,600°F).

8. Mammatus clouds looking like a UFO parade.

These clouds appear rarely and instantly take us to a fantastic world. They are always completely motionless, despite the possible wind.

7. The ball lightning – Nikola Tesla’s favorite.

Up until now, there is no unified theory explaining its origin. But there are more and more videos on the internet where ordinary lightning behaves too strangely, turning into a ball and exploding loudly.

6. Fata Morgana, or the "Flying Dutchman" legend.

According to legend, at the bottom of the seas and oceans lives Morgana the fairy, who deceives travelers with ghostly visions. But, in fact, it's all about alternation of air layers with different density. Thus legends about mysterious lands and flying ships were born.

5. Solar eclipses that speak of the past.

Some consider this phenomenon rare, although it occurs several times a year. It is the mention of eclipses that helps determine the age of many historical documents and findings.

4. A fiery rainbow or pearls in the clouds?

At the heart of this rare optical effect are ice crystals, cirrus clouds, and bright sun. With its light, it seems to ignite the clouds, which, moving, resemble flames. Sometimes such a rainbow is easy to confuse with "mother of pearl" clouds.

3. The devil's tree that blazes from the inside.

No magic, just a thunderbolt. As a result, the tree can burn slowly for days and then literally explode from within.

2. Genies of seas and oceans.

When a storm cloud comes down to the surface of the water and starts sucking up water, a water tornado forms. This cloud can carry the liquid over long distances before it turns into a torrential rain, along with which fish, frogs, and algae fall to the ground.

1. Antarctica’s mysterious "Blood Falls."

It's been 106 years since Australian geologist Griffith Taylor discovered a bloody red cascade flowing from the glacier (named after him) into the icy Lake Bonney. At first, it was thought that the red color of the water is caused by red algae, but it was later confirmed that the deep red color is due to oxidized iron. When the iron-rich water comes into contact with the air, it rusts, leaving red stains on the ice as it falls.

Bonus: A neon green river in Canada

This river's color is absolutely real. Under mysterious circumstances, Gulfstream River in Goldstream Provincial Park in Canada turned bright green. No fish or animals were harmed, and the water turned back to its natural color after a few hours. Any idea what might have happened?

But sometimes even scientists fail to explain what’s going on with nature.

Preview photo credit Jane London
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