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19 Misleading Photos That Can Fool Your Eyes

Illusions are everywhere. A spider on your window, a chalk drawing on a rock, or even a timely accidental shot — everything can become unexpectedly tricky. They may completely blow our mind from the first glance, but that’s what we love them for. This selection will make you believe in magic — at least for a moment!

Bright Side has collected 19 pictures that might make you question your sanity. Enjoy!

1. Gulliver, is that you?

2. Here’s what a strong woman looks like.

3. This fluffy guy is infinitely cute.

4. Ever doubted that centaurs exist?

5. What a beautiful sculpture...oh, never mind, it’s just a bag.

6. This looks like a window to another world.

7. If you think someone’s holding a photograph here, take another look.

8. It took me about a minute to understand what’s going on here.

9. There’s a shark! Run!

10. In case you’re worried, they actually weren’t risking the kid’s life.

11. You won’t believe me, but the guy in this pic is lying.

12. This lawn seems to have come from a world where magic exists.

13. Don’t freak out! The spider isn’t that big.

14. Looks like someone installed a piece of plastic instead of a building.

15. Oh no! The rock is flying right at them! Wait... it’s in the water? Phew...

16. I bet hugs have never been this puzzling.

17. This man, with incredibly long arms, could’ve become a great thief.

18. Mom and Dad are one!

19. What’s up with his face? Oh, nevermind...

So, which picture puzzled you the most? Did you smile at least once? Tell us if you did — there’s nothing to feel shy about!

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