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19 Must-Have Inventions That Are Both Genius and Absurd

Every day, hundreds of new inventions are made — small ones, big ones, necessary ones and useless ones. Do you think that humanity has the answer to everything? Either way, you’ll probably want to take a look at our compilation. You’ll see things like a helmet for your little toe and a Chupa Chups holder!

Bright Side has collected very necessary (but not great) inventions created by genius people. And if you think that you don’t really need them, think again.

1. Nothing needs a helmet more than your little toe.

2. Cats need helmets too!

3. For your drinking comfort

4. A toilet map — you can even rate bathrooms you’ve visited.

5. Another way to eat Cheetos

6. This screen protector has glitter infused in it.

7. A shaving bib women will love.

8. “Found some sandals that act as a bottle opener.”

9. Cutting things is hard.

10. “I’m hungry, let me lick your eyelid.”

11. Meme-inspired playing cards

12. A champagne vending machine

13. Tire glitter is about to pollute the roads.

14. How to wash your cat easily and not get killed:

15. This windscreen wiper for your mirror

16. Cereal milk mix

17. Fidget spinner bath bomb

18. A lollipop holder

19. How do you like the picture on these socks?

Which of these things seemed absolutely necessary to you? Tell us in the comment section below!

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