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19 People Who Are Real Pieces of Work

Very often, we get angry at things and events, and the reason for that is usually other people. Sometimes we know them, sometimes we don't. But after looking at the photos in this article, you'll probably agree that some of these people's actions are unacceptable.

Bright Side has found 19 pictures that show some of the most annoying things people do. We hope that you can laugh at them instead of feeling angry and irritated!

You want funny, colorful macaroni? Boil it in an energy drink!

This neighbor with "his" parking space in the yard.

A "free" sample of a washing service nobody asked for.

Just, why?

Unfortunately, it's hard for tall people to fly. Apparently, this tall guy found a solution to the problem.

Some people don't see anything bad about the way this cover looks...

...and see nothing wrong with this toilet paper roll.

Well, it could have been worse!

Someone had one job and they failed!

"I was a server and these people got salads with everything on the side."

Why would anyone do this?

Or this?

"I park wherever I want."

"My boss was in a meeting and wrote some important info down so that I could prepare a presentation. Yeah, everything is totally clear."

"This wormhole was hidden underneath the produce sticker on my honeydew melon."

"These guys filmed 90% of the Bruno Mars concert I went to tonight and held their phones directly in my eye line."

At least they didn't drop it on the floor.

They could have done it worse. For example, like this:

Well, maybe sometimes it's better not to clean at all.

Which of these pictures made you angry? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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