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19 People Who Could Sell Snow to a Polar Bear

Most of us have learned that buying a huge bag of chips doesn't mean that half of it isn't filled with air. We've learned the hard way that there are some companies that are really dedicated to fooling their potential customers. But even David Ogilvy, who was known as "the father of advertising," wouldn't resort to using the methods of advertising you're about to see in this article. What's shocking isn't the lack of creativity as much as it is the sneakiness of the marketing department of many famous brands.

We at Bright Side love everything that's creative – as long as it's harmless! At least these people had a good laugh!

19. least it's still low in calories.

18. "A lawn care company in my neighborhood is advertising by littering pamphlets that look like money."

17. A customer's comment said, "It's just like in the game."

16. "I asked the groomer to shave a heart on my dog's butt. He said he could do it."

15. Don't forget to tip the painter.

14. These napkins from the dollar store:

13. A candy bucket from "Disappointment Town"

12. Not quite "picture perfect..."

11. A white cherry drink made from red cherries?

10. At least it smells good!

9. So wild they ran away...

8. The Tale of 2 Pools

7. No amount of pixie dust will help Tinker Bell now...

6. Bet you're thinking IKEA furniture isn't so difficult to put together now, aren't you?

5. Well, it certainly didn't outshine the picture on the box!

4. It looks like a 3-year-old drew it.

3. I want my dollar back!

2. What is it supposed to keep cool?

1. Walmart doesn't cut corners. Literally.

Have you ever been fooled by advertisements? Share your stories and photos with us in the comments section below!

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