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19 People Who Could Tickle Anyone’s Funny Bone (Dads Are Nailing It)

There’s a reason why amazing comedians like Jerry Seinfeld make millions of dollars annually: they help us to laugh and forget about the burdens of our lives for a while. But there are some unsung heroes of comedy that are around us as well.

At Bright Side, we love everything that can make our lives brighter. So let’s start with some brand new smile-inducing photos, shall we?

This bathroom that has an encouraging picture instead of a mirror

It’s just too hot, man!

“I’m beginning to worry that my cat and I might be too close.”

I-90 Chicago sign

“Having some fun at Bed Bath and Beyond with the girlfriend.”

This horse farmer has a sense of humor.


These arcade chairs have seen some stuff.

“This guy applied to work at my store. I really hope he means ’stocker’.”

The floor is lava!

“Face swapped with my 2-year-old. Just because we can do something doesn’t mean we should.”

Lara Croft cosplay: nailed it

Canadian bathroom graffiti

When dads protest:

“This church sign in my hometown gets it.”

Monks with “Nirvana” merchandise

The Indian police had a guy dress up as The God of Death to chase people not wearing helmets.

Guilty as charged...

What a cyber-thief looks like:

Which one of these made you want to slow clap? Be sure to share it with us in the comment section below!

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